– Using Collective Intelligence to Improve Medicine

Why Independent Medicine?:

  • Independent Medicine is a patient owned non-profit organization governed by the principles of "Liquid Democracy"
  • Our primary concern is to give everybody easy access to reliable, relevant and unbiased medical information.
  • Therefore, we are developing a system where you can keep track of your entire medical history with the help of an extensive questionnaire
  • This will allow us to evaluate treatment results from all our participants, and all the treatment methods, clinics and practitioners they consult. These data will then be available to all our members.
  • As the size of this database grows we will be able to analyze issues which  traditional studies have a hard time to answer, such as
    • How different personality types and physical constitutions will react to certain treatments.
    • What happens when you combine many treatments. Everybody does it, but there is today almost zero scientific information about what happens when you combine more than five different treatment methods.
    • Evaluate non-patentable, off-label, exotic and alternative treatments, who currently seldom are prioritized when assigning conventional research resources.
    • Analyzing "misfit patients", or symptom constellations that does not fit into the current medical paradigm
    • Create a new, symptom based medicine, that can be analyzed and interpreted from many different philosophical and scientific view points, i.e. allopathic, functional, ayurvedic, traditional chinese etc.
  • It will give more extensive and precise medical records, reducing the risk for diagnostic errors and medical malpractice
  • These records can also be automatically translated to all supported languages, facilitating seeking advice abroad Members can also seek free online advice from all our associated international medical experts.

Guiding principles:


    • We will never read or use any data you provide without your explicit consent
    • We will remove all personal identifying information when doing data analysis.
    • Your data is encrypted and stored separately from your personal information. 
    • In summary, you do not have to worry about information falling into the wrong hands.
    • This website is owned and operated by a patient association to which every member of this site will belong.
    • We will never accept any kind of advertisements or private investments.
    • This website is unbiased. We will never accept any actor with a stake in the industry, such as pharmaceutical companies and clinics to have an un-proportional direct influence on the content.

    This is how it works:

    1. You sign up and become a member of Independent Medicine. For a limited time, this is free of charge.
    2. You fill out an extensive medical questionnaire.
    3. We will provide you with a document summarizing your data; useful for communication with any health care provider.
    4. This document will also be translated into several languages; useful if you seek medical attention abroad.
    5. You can continuously update you medical records, for example, if you have new symptoms or start a new treatment.
    6. By analyzing data from our members we can provide you with information on possible treatment options for you.
    7. You will receive news which is relevant to you and your conditions.
    8. All treatments from conventional to alternative is considered without prejudice.



     About the founders:

    We are a team of medical professionals and specialists on statistics and data analysis.
    If you want to have more info about or support this initiative, please contact the founder, 

    Mikael Nordfors, MD, Kildegaardsvej 12 A, 2900 Hellerup Denmark
    ph +45 31530931
    e-mail: mn@independentmedicine.org
    web:  http://independentmedicine.org

    This website is under development, and the main aim at this point of time is to attract support from Clinics, patient organizations and other interest groups.